Promotion for first time customers ONLY

Promotion for first time customers ONLY
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Promotion for first time customers ONLY

Promotion - first time customers only.  (One per family/household.)

If you are shopping at Save Our Sleep for the very first time we would like to offer you a gift with your first purchase.

Please note this gift will only be sent out with a paid for shopping cart valued at over $50 this includes no other offers, promotions or promotion codes or free items.  If it is not your household/email address/family's 1st time shopping with us or you have not met the other requirements the warehouse will not send the spoon set and it will be removed from your order without notice. 


  • MADE IN MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA! Bringing manufacturing closer to home! 
  • Curved right and left handed spoons are designed to encourage independent eating.
  • May be used from 4 months by a parent and independently from 8 months by your baby.
  • BPA, PVC and phthalate free and 100% recyclable.
  • Wash thoroughly before initial use and after each use. 
  • Dishwasher safe or hand wash in warm soapy water. 
  • DO NOT microwave.

Aged 4 months to 4 years! 

Why curved spoons....

As babies get older I recommend using curved spoons. The Save Our Sleep set has two spoons, at first one for you and one for your baby and then as your baby turns to a toddler two for your baby.  The two spoons are angled differently so an older baby can hold one in each hand. With a younger baby, give her a spoon so she can feed herself while you use the other spoon to get in four mouthfuls for every mouthful she spoons up and in herself. The curve of the spoon, large handle and the shorter length helps your toddler to load up the spoon and get it to her mouth without making too much mess. When teaching your toddler to feed herself say to her, ‘Dip, scoop and pop in your mouth’, in a rhythm as she learns to feed herself.

Self-feeding with a spoon

Anytime from 8 months your baby will want to start feeding himself. He will want to hold the spoon and do it himself. You might not realise what is wrong when you sit down to feed him and he starts crying and whingeing and doesn’t want to eat any lunch. Often just giving your baby a spoon and allowing him to try to feed himself will solve the problem. I have made my spoons  in left-handed and right-handed shapes. Your baby can hold one in each hand and attempt to feed himself. But you need to be getting in three to four spoonfuls with another spoon for each spoon your baby gets in himself.

We LOVE these spoons so much we have made them their own review group click here to see it

Below is a video of Ciarán my little boy using the prototype spoon set.

Le gach dea-ghui, Tizzie


We tried out Tizzie's new spoons. We have a nice collection of 5 different spoons my wee girls has tried but not one resulted in food actually going in her mouth and she always ended up flicking the food everywhere out of frustration... I've attached pictures of her eating her second course for dinner with Tizzie's spoon... it was a milestone for us we had to capture... she just LOVES being able to feed herself. Thank you Tizzie and team for bringing us these spoons. 




Tammy - Australia
Thankyou for the spoons, my son Max is starting to get the hang of it now. This is a video of him finishing of some weetbix. He is 13 months old. This was his 2nd attempt with your spoons. Please cut and paste this link to see the video
Reply from Tizzie Hall - Save Our Sleep - The International Baby Whisperer PTY LTD:
Hi Tammy: Thank you so much for the video of your wee man he is doing so well and so excited about it. Le gach dea-ghui, Tizzie
Georgie - Selby, VIC
These spoons are amazing! I bought them for my 9 month old son, and he has taken to them so well! They are exactly the right shape for little hands, and so easy to use! I would highly recommend these as the only spoons to use when teaching your child to self feed. Thank you for being both Maxwell and myself so much joy when using these spoons!
Reply from Tizzie Hall - Save Our Sleep - The International Baby Whisperer PTY LTD:
Hi Georgie Thank you for taking the time to pop this review up. I saw your video of Maxwell using them and was amazed at how well he was doing at 9 months what a superstar. Le gach dea-ghui, Tizzie
Laura - Australia
The best spoons you can buy! My 20 month old has been trying to feed himself with a variety of different toddler spoons and can never get a good mouthful but with these we had success! He loves them and loves being able to eat his dinner without frustration. A happy dinner time! Really durable too and great colours!
Reply from Tizzie Hall - Save Our Sleep - The International Baby Whisperer PTY LTD:
Thank you Laura, we are getting so much great feedback on these it means so much after all my hard work producing them.
Emma - Manly, Qld
Just recently got these for my 18mo, wish I had them sooner. They make it so much easier for her to eat and she uses her spoon more then her hands now. Thanks for making another great product tizzie x
Reply from Tizzie Hall - Save Our Sleep - The International Baby Whisperer PTY LTD:
Thank you for your lovely review Emma! Great to hear your little one is enjoying the spoons.
Courtney - SA
These spoons are fantastic! Not like any other baby spoons on the market. Fabulous for help babies starting solids and especially toddlers wanting independence with self feeding. The quality and design is great. Even better that it’s a local Australian made product.
Reply from Tizzie Hall - Save Our Sleep - The International Baby Whisperer PTY LTD:
Thank you Courtney, it really is lovely to get these reviews.
Ineke - QLD
Here is a link to my review "Patrick LOVES his new curved Spoons"
Reply from Tizzie Hall - Save Our Sleep - The International Baby Whisperer PTY LTD:
Hi Ineke, Thank you for sharing this with us I love the birds in the background. It is fantastic to see the spoons in action. This clip has just made all my hard work and determination to make them again worthwhile.

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