FAQ: What is the difference between the Luxury, Heirloom and the Cellular blankets? All four blankets give the same warmth, they are all 0.6 TOG. TOG is the thermal warmth of bedding. The Luxury blankets are 30% bamboo and 70% cotton, the Heirloom blankets are 95% bamboo with a 5% cotton trim, the Cellular blankets are 50% bamboo and 50% cotton and the Dreamzzie blankets are 70% cotton and 30% bamboo. The soft bamboo fibres' have been carefully selected for your baby’s delicate, sensitive skin with the added bonus of being more water absorbent and breathable than regular cotton.

The Luxury blanket is the heaviest in weight so gives the baby the most security without adding more warmth, this is good in very warm climates. It has a beautiful textured knit and everyone who feels it wants one for themselves. Both the Luxury and Heirloom blankets boast superior temperature control capabilities, meaning they will provide the warmth in winter as well as the coolness in summer which makes them an excellent choice for those who live in warmer climates or particularly coming into warmer weather where you would like to add the weight without the warmth. The Luxury and Heirloom blankets are slightly softer and prettier than the Cellular blankets so people purchasing a present for a new baby often prefer them. Clients with a larger budget get all their blankets in the Luxury. The Luxury blanket is easier to wash and dry without causing it to shrink as easily as the Heirloom.

The Limited Edition Dreamzzie blankets are the newest blanket to the Save Our Sleep range and are designed to be used as a decorative top layer blanket or an out and about blanket.  It is the heaviest blanket in my range?  It’s a great blanket for pram naps and day-care because of its weight. Day-care often say you may use only one blanket so this one is a good blanket because it is heavy.  Its size also makes it a good one for a pram nap it is less likely to drag and get caught under a wheels.  On a hot day it is good because it will add weight but not be too warm.  The bad news is once these are sold, we have no plans to make more.

Weight (might vary slightly)

Luxury 900 grams

Heirloom 780 grams

Cellular 550 grams

Weight per cm2 (might vary slightly)

Dreamzzie     100 x 76cm   526g = .069g per cm2*

Luxury          150 x 120cm  900g = .050g per cm2

Heirloom        150 x 120cm  780g = .043g per cm2

Cellular          150 x 120cm  550g = .030g per cm2

*If the same size as the other three, the Dreamzzie would be our heaviest blanket - 1.2 KG.