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The Save Our Sleep Sleep Sleep Bags are for use from 8 weeks to until often as old as 6 years.  The Sleep Suit is the next step on for your sleep bag loving child. A much safer alternative for children that like to walk around in their sleeping bag and also a fantastic way to keep them safe, cosy and warm for winter mornings or evenings.

The Sleep Suits are for use with blankets in a big bed not a cot. The reason for this is they might use the legs to help them climb or fall out of the cot. The 1 TOG is suitable for use with a wool or cotton quilt and the 2.5 TOG is suitable for use with a cotton quilt.

The body of the size 2-3 years suit is our starting point. The 3-4 years suit has a body size that is exactly the same size as the 2-3 years, but the leg is longer. The 4-5 years suit has a leg length that is exactly the same as the 3-4 years, but the body is longer.