When I was pregnant with Ciarán I was worried about what he was going to sleep on. I didn't know if he was a boy or a girl but I did know he was going to be arriving at least 8 weeks early. Knowing I was having another premature baby put added pressure on us as to what mattress our baby was going to sleep on. Some research shows premature babies are at a greater risk of SIDS and SUDI. So to solve this worry the Save Our Sleep mattress range was born. 

The range started with an organic cotton covered mini-crib mattress but has grown considerably to include various cot sizes, single and king single bed sizes. When it comes to bedding I believe the mattress is more important than the cot/bed, so I have also created a range of mattresses specifically to suit IKEA cots and bedframes for families on a budget.

The Save Our Sleep mattresses are made locally, in Geelong and most importantly, in a cigarette smoke-free factory. Which means the craftsmen and crafts women making the mattresses have no nicotine on their hands. As they are Australian made, I’m also proud to say they are not fumigated for importing, nor are they sprayed with fire retardants which are required by some international safety standards.

What’s the difference between Organic and Mocha?

The Organic Cotton Mattress is a nicer mattress to look at and feel, however it is not affordable to all. This is why I introduced the Mocha Mattress to my range. The Mocha Mattress is still 100% better than anything else you will find on the market. 

Each mattress in my range has its own individual build, whether it be inner built springs, pocket springs, cotton, organic cotton and even size specifications. You will need to click the link or picture of your mattress below to read about its individual features.



Save Our Sleep Cot Mattress (Organic cover)*
Price: NZD $395.72
RRP: NZD $727.26
Save Our Sleep Cot Mattress Mocha (Cotton cover)*
Price: NZD $288.77
RRP: NZD $566.84
 Save Our Sleep Cot & Bed Mattress IKEA
Price: NZD $310.16
 Save Our Sleep Single and King Single Mattress (Organic or Mocha cover)*
Price: NZD $426.73