Bambi Ecorenew Junior Pillow 5+ Years

Bambi Ecorenew Junior Pillow 5+ Years
Price: NZD $37.17

 Tizzie's recommended Pillow for children aged 5 years and up.

My First Bambi Ingeo Junior Pillow is the ideal first “full-sized” pillow for children. Proudly designed with children in mind – low profile. Ingeo is made from natural, sustainable plant fibres which are 100% biodegradable. Manufacturing this fabric requires half the amount of energy needed to make polyester and emits 50% fewer greenhouse gases.

The Eco Renew Igeo Junior pillow is better for your child and for the environment. With a lower profile, (approx 10 cm), this pillow provides exactly the right amount of head and neck support for children.

Sustainable Botanic Ingeo Fibre
Low profile
Sensitive Choice
Spot clean
Full-size pillow with centre-sewn line
Lightweight & breathable

Australian Made. Natural pillow for allergy sufferers, asthmatics, and environmentalists.

AGE: 5 yrs +

Pillow size standard 45 x 70 x 9 cm



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