Toilet Training

Toliet training can be difficult for parents to teach. Keep sheets dry throughout potty training with our new products.

Oxo Tot On-the-Go Wipes Dispenser
Price: NZD $21.58
Save Our Sleep Dreamwee Waterproof Bed-linen Protector
Price: NZD $43.17
Two Nomads - Super Dry Seat
Price: NZD $16.18
BABYBJÖRN - Potty Training Chair
Price: NZD $59.36
BABYBJÖRN - Step Stool
Price: NZD $37.77
Baby U Travel Potty Plus (Potette Plus ® and Liners)
Price: NZD $28.05
Baby U 10 pack of Liners for Travel Potty Plus
Price: NZD $6.48
Sudocrem ® Healing Cream
Price: NZD $7.55